Saturday, October 25, 2014

GATI Scamsters: Stay away from them!

One fine day, I decided to initiate the long overdue task of getting my bike transported from Delhi to Hyderabad. I (unfortunately) decided to inquire the "Big Player" of the market, i.e. GATI. It all went fine, they stated a few things up front which were:

1. You need to get the bike packed. We do not provide any packing service.
2. Pick up will be scheduled between 12 pm and 4 pm, Monday to Saturday.
3. A few documents such as the RC copy, insurance copy and ID proof copy.
4. Leave the handle lock open and empty the petrol tank.

It all seemed pretty standard to me so I went ahead and booked the pick up for Saturday, 25th October, 2014 and relaxed, hoping that they stick to their commitment of delivering it within 4 days (excluding the pick up date) to Hyderabad.

Till 25th Oct noon, i.e. a few hours earlier, I got absolutely no confirmation from their side and got suspicious so decided to prod them about what the exact status was. That is when I got to know the real story.

12:20 pm: Their executive tells me that the pick up will not happen today (despite it being "confirmed" the previous day) and that it can be done on Monday.

I was OK with that but then decided to make sure everything else was right about the deal so prodded the executive about the details of the person who would come to pick up, etc.

12:35 pm:

My parents (in Delhi, the pick up point) get a call from GATI saying that the pick up cannot be scheduled before Monday and they are provided some Pappinder's number - the person in charge of the pick up.

12:50 pm: A female calls up my parents from the no 8130195141 and tells them that "as your packing is not professional, you need to get it re-packed by "our" packer." And that wasn't enough - they were asked to get the bike delivered to Dwarka Sector 28 (GATI's warehouse). Else, provide the keys to their agent who would ride it all the way to Dwarka, get it packed and loaded.

This really was the tipping point. I decided to call up Ms. Neelam on the mentioned number and find out what really was going on.

Her initial "suggestion" was that she'll send over someone to pick up the bike and the person would drive it all the way to Dwarka (carefully tagging the line that if the keys get misplaced in the transit, Gati would not bear any responsibility). On being asked why wasn't it possible for them to do a normal pick up through a truck (as is so often the case), she said the policemen harass them if they carry bikes in trucks. This seemed bizzare to me, esp when a neighbour of mine had got his bike picked by Gati at his doorsteps last month. On further questioning, she said they do not have the trucks available for pick up every day hence they have to find other ways to get the bike.

My patience gave up at this point and I did not feel like trusting such a company with my bike. There is always a chance of them damaging the bike and then refusing to own up to it. Now I would rather wait for some more time and get my bike here by train, the next time I plan a trip home. I have done this once and it worked perfectly fine!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Still... figuring life out!

Giving up on a chance to play cricket, to attend a blogger's meet would be so uncharacteristic of me but that's exactly what I ended up doing today, primarily to shrug off yesterday's disappointment that emanated after losing out in the second round of the IIT Delhi Chess tourney. The even was fun as usual, didn't win any prize (as usual) and didn't try for it either!

Ever since I opted for Science in my +2, I've primarily been surrounded by people from the following professions:

School friends - Most of them have gone on to become engineers
Manipal engg college friends - right guess... Engineers
3 yr stint in Infosys - Engineers
2 yr MBA stint (currently on) - you guessed it right again - FULL OF ENGINEERS, as that's the qualifying criteria!

So, the purpose of attending such meets is to meet different people, from various professions and exchange ideas and I'm happy to have met people from Army, a research student, a media person who ALSO felt bored of her job and started travelling like a freak, etc etc.

Tomorrow, it'll hopefully be back to cricket and the following week would be spent in presentations, lectures, case studies and financial statement analysis. All charged up to take it - bring it on!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stupidly lonely

Time and again, you feel yourself standing at the crossroads, feeling absolutely clueless. You haven't been betrayed by anyone, nobody has broken your heart, there's no romantic angle in the most distant of horizons and your social life is as normal as it has ever been. Yet, there's this sinking feeling threatening to break you down into bits and devour you completely. Lucky Ali's "anjaani raahon mein" and other similar songs start making more sense now and you start flipping through decade old song collection to excavate out songs of similar mood.

Despite being a mid 80s born I refuse to accept it as a mid life crisis and I dismiss the "get married" suggestion equally strongly. No health problems, no angry girlfriend, no sexually transmitted disease.. NOTHING! Probably this is the point when you feel like writing might help you out, as it has traditionally been an outlet to your feelings. A quick self examination on the mental level tells me that I'm of a sound mental condition and have plenty on my plate to even think about doing something non productive. But then, there are times when you end up doing the most unlikeliest of things at the most unexpected time. Its past midnight now and tomorrow I'm supposed to deliver a presentation, thoroughly read a case study which would enable me don the devil's hat and grill the presenters, complete a long pending article and carry on with the "fundamental analysis" tutorial that I started studying few hours ago. But here I am - making a long pending addition to my blog. Any apparent solution for this helpless situation (or can someone please state the problem for me)? May be talking to an old friend would help, but I already did that half a day today on our whatsapp group!

Oh, human nature, when'll we be able to completely decipher you?